Leisure Air Sales is a new and exciting British independent distributor of air conditioning units.

We are a national distributor with our distribution centre being just outside of Birmingham. This gives us the ability to offer next day delivery service to all parts of the UK.

We provide solely Sinclair branded air conditioning units on our website and we believe this to be the best valued air conditioning unit on the market currently for our customers.

Our team at Leisure Air Sales have varied experience and knowledge and in-turn this allows us to have members of staff in different expert areas. They are qualified engineers, who have the technical skills to meet the unique requirements of our customers and find solutions quickly and efficiently. With their experience they will also be serving the right products at the right time to make sure customers get the most for their money.


Should you require your desired air conditioning system to be installed, please contact us to arrange a site viewing where we will undertake an assessment to provide any recommendations and a detailed quote for your specific site requirements.


Get in Touch

Contact us and let us know what your requirements are.

Site Viewing & Quote

After a site viewing we will provide you with a quote.

Book & Pay

If you are happy with your quote we will book you in.

If you have any questions or would like to request a quote:

Please call 07786832647.
Or alternatively email us on sales@leisureairsales.com